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Benefits of the Miracle Watering can when watering Vegetables.

The Miracle Watering Can saves water, and in fact uses just a quarter of the water used by a conventional can, especially when you’re walking along rows of vegetables delivering water to the root system of each plant, the Miracle Can completely controls the flow of water, from trickle to full flow.

The end of the extension spout that is supplied with the Can can be rested on the ground to take the weight of the Miracle Can and allow you to inject the water or feed directly to your plants roots.

Watering your hanging baskets is much easier with no ‘wet arm’ as using the Miracle can means you get no back flow.

You can water plants in pots on the patio without getting water on the foliage or on the patio itself, precisely and accurately.

If you have water pipes alongside you plants, you can quickly and easily top them up at the touch of a button.

The Miracle Can is supplied with a rose, which fits onto either of the extension spouts so that you can sprinkle water over the most out of reach plants at the back of the rockery.

There will be less re-filling, so fewer trips back to tap/water butt. If any small debris gets into the can from the water in the water butt, it will flow straight through your Miracle Watering can so no clogging and large leaves and snails can be removed easily.

Pots in the greenhouse can be watered as fast or as slowly as you want, with speed and accuracy, and without wastage, particularly important if you are using feed, either the 1.3 litre Pinpoint Miracle Watering can or the 7 litre NuCan is are must for greenhouse use.

When seedlings are pricked out and put into new trays filled with dry compost you can water straight down the lines without knocking over the seedlings in the new tray, or getting water on the foliage, which helps your seedlings on cold nights, and by gently pressing the button you control the flow to as slowly as you wish, as you trickle water along the dry new line of seedlings the Miracle Can reduces over watering, as the water goes straight down to the delicate roots, any excess water then gets absorbed by the dry compost, leaving the roots just dampened and not too wet, making stronger plants.

You can water window boxes from the inside of the house through the window with great confidence, and using the ½ metre extension spout you can water window boxes and hanging baskets that are further away.

This control enables you to avoid the foliage whenever necessary, you can water plants without having to bend your back, as well as being able to trickle water around the roots of delicate seedlings.

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