FAQs – Miracle Watering Cans

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A. Occasionally the valve may stick in the end of the spout, particularly after a long period of non use, or in very hot weather. Just press the button, and with the other hand pull out the valve from the end of the spout, gently release the button and allow the valve to re-seat inside the end of the spout. After this the valve should release easily each time you press the button, if still sticking repeat the process one more time.

Re: above – please put water in the can before testing the button and valve.

A. The rose does not fit directly onto the watering can spout, but in fact fits onto either of the spout attachments supplied. Just push the end of the rose into the end of the spout attachment, and then attach the spout attachment to the end of the spout, this way the rose can give a fine spray to even the most out of reach plants, especially with our 50cm spout extension.

A. As with any watering can, leaves, and other debris, may collect in the spout. To clear any debris from the spout just push the button and pull through any leaves that may be in the end of the spout. You can also rinse the can and spout through with a jet of water.

A. No, the rose already supplied with the NuCan fits on the extension spout.

A. Yes, on the payment checkout pages, after you have entered the address where your card is registered to (your billing address(, you have an option to change the delivery (shipping) address (which can be different to your billing address).

A. Whilst we double check every postal order very occasionally an order may be incorrect. If you receive an incorrect delivery please fill out this return item form.

A. The valve can sometimes become stuck when it hasn’t been used for a while. Put water in the can and remove the soft spout. Over a sink tip the can forward and press the button, if you just get your fingernail behind the edge of the valve it will release and work fine after that.

A. Leave or other debris may be causing an obstruction, put water in the can, remove the spout attachment and tip the can forward and press the button, and leaves will fall to the end of the spout, just gently pull them through.

A. Whilst we do deliver to EU countries, EU deliveries may be subject to additional charges, import duties and fees, outside of our control, which are payable by the recipient.

We cannot advise on these charges, as it depends on the courier and customs in the destination EU country.

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