Nucan Watering Can


Nucan Watering Can

The original push-botton watering can, with push-button control to help save water


NuCan is ideal for spot weeding.

With the fine rose attachment which is supplied with the can, this enables you to water seedlings without fear of damaging them. However, once you’re accustomed to using your 7-litre NuCan with its incredible control, you’ll discover that the rose attachment is not needed as much. The NuCan combined with the short spout allows you to deliver water at exactly the right place and exactly the right flow rate for the job. The image to the right demonstrates just how accurate you can be when watering outdoor seed rows, which allows the gardener to place the water just where it’s needed to the root system.

TOP TIP – Imagine this kind of accuracy whilst spot weeding paths and driveways, even in the center of the lawn. You’ll save valuable weedkiller and kill the weeds more effectively which is very good for our environment.


  • Delicate watering
  • Spot weeding
  • House Plants
  • Bedding Plants
  • Feeds and Pesticides
  • Seedlings

To water seedlings in trays, place the end of the spout attachment on the edge of the tray, then release the water which will skim along the surface of the soil (this is called skimming).

When pricking out seedlings to put in rows in your tray. NuCan’s spout enables distant watering

The miracle watering can comes complete with rose attachment, short spout and a medium spout (25cm). Also available separately is a half metre spout for every eventuality, which is extremely beneficial when leaning into rockeries, over seedlings, out to window boxes and when watering hanging baskets, click here to be taken to the half a metre spout attachment.

The miracle watering can helps you in so many ways right through the gardening seasons.

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The NuCan holds 7 litres and is available in our stylish blue.

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