Pinpoint Indoor Watering Can

Pinpoint Indoor Watering Can

Pinpoint Watering Can

Pinpoint Indoor Watering Can

A water saving watering can with push-botton water control


Pinpoint Indoor Push Button Watering Can

The PinPoint™ is ideal for watering conservatory & house plants, flowers, hanging baskets, delicates & seedlings, window boxes & plants in awkward places. The concentrated flow also keeps seeds damp for improved germination.

haring the unique design concept of the NuCan, the Pinpoint has a push-button for instant flow control. This offers a complete indoor watering solution to the time-old problems of overwatering, spills on carpets (that can often ruin), vase filling and delicate work on seedlings in the greenhouse or window ledge.

Design features include:

  • Ideal for patios and small areas.No spills flow control
  • Closing lid means no more accidents
  • Balanced for easy handling
  • Curved spout for easy access
  • Stylish ergonomic design
  • 1 year guarantee


A precise & accurate way to water plants, flowers & seedlings
Control the Flow – for light watering depress the button slightly
Concentrates the flow to the exact point – no more watering weeds
Prevents water spillage indoors & reduces wastage outdoors
No more overwatering or water damage to delicates & seedlings
Convenience – no more spills or wet arms when watering hanging baskets
Saves water – over traditional watering cans & hosepipes
Easy to use & carry – spout down with one hand
A gardening aid beneficial for people with back problems or disabilities
At last – no spills indoor watering. Pinpoint’s push button does it all!

Pinpoint holds 1.3 litres and is available now.

The Pinpoint Indoor Watering Can was invented and Designed by Paul Sayers Bone

Just like to say how convenient this watering can is.

I was always spilling water in my conservatory whilst reaching to water plants. I am in my 70’s so do find it too heavy if I fill it more than half full.

Anne Jarvis