miracle-watering-can-precision-examplesThe above images shows how precise and accurate the miracle watering can allows the flow of water from a trickle to full flow in a standing position.

The top left image shows how much water is wasted using a rose attachment on a watering can, the plastic beaker represents the roots of a plant.

The top right image uses a standard hose pipe and again shows how much wastage of water there is when filling up the plastic beaker.

The bottom left and right shows the accuracy when watering to a root system without wasting water and feed, and taking only seconds to fill.

If you would like to see the these precision watering tools in action please look at the below links, the YouTube links are of early promotional videos demonstrating the watering cans precision watering.

Click here to view the promotional video of the NuCan

Click here to view the promotional video of the indoor Pinpoint