Push button watering cans

Once  you have push button control using a NuCan or Pinpoint Watering Can you will no longer  waste water or feed, using  any of the  Miracle Watering Cans you soon realise they are tools, and with these tools you can be as good as you want to be, watering from delicate seedlings to full grown plants, and everything in between can be watered, fed, and weeded, with complete control.

In the picture you can see the dark lines and dark areas around the plants where the water is delivered straight down to the root systems using a Miracle Watering Can.

To achieve the the same penetration  of water to the roots using any other watering devices in a standing position you would have to use many more gallons of water, wasting most of it on the surrounding area.

A report prepared by ICI states that using the Miracle Watering Can instead of a standard watering can will make significant water savings, as well as producing stronger plants by watering or feeding  directly to the roots system, and not the surrounding area.

The best way I can describe these Watering Can is to say its like walking a around your rooms or garden with a tap.

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