How to water an orchid
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How to water an orchid

How to water an Orchid? By using the best watering can for the job: The Pinpoint™ indoor watering can: Lift the pot to check its weight. The pot will feel a bit lighter when it’s time to water the orchid again. Over time, you’ll get a sense of how heavy the pot feels when the…

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Thorny problems: how can I help my elderly mother garden?

Thorny problems: how can I help my elderly mother garden? Q: I live in London and am not a gardener, but I have an increasingly incapacitated mother in the country for whom growing things has always been a passion. She moved to a smaller paved garden years ago, but seems unable to stop herself growing…

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Miracle Watering Cans are perfect for bonsai trees

The Miracle Watering Cans are an ideal tool for watering small indoor and outdoor plants, they have become a great additional for all gardeners, but they have also become a specialised tool for bonsai tree enthusiasts as well as watering orchids and other house plants. Like all growers that have to be very careful not to over water…